How to Save the Republican Party

This article has a companion article titled “How to Save the Democratic Party” which will be published and linked upon completion.

America is more divided now than it has been in a long time.  I believe one of the main causes for this division can be found in the Republican party itself.  There are many issues the party can compromise on in order to appeal to a larger base of moderates and right-leaning Democrats.  If put into practice, I believe the Republican party could gain a foothold in American politics for a long time to come so long as the Democratic party doesn’t reform itself also. Below are some points of reformation the party could work on.

The Common Man’s Party
Donald Trump has opened up the way for the Republican party to become that of the ‘common man.’ My personal family ancestry has been comprised of staunch democrats because the Democratic party used to be the party of the working-man, but has dropped that mantel in favor of other pursuits. High profile democrats such as Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders agree on this point.

Now would be the time to strike, while the iron is hot, and brand the Republican party the party of the working man and woman, of the regular family, of the average citizen, of the middle class.  Your average American cares most about having a job, a home, a family, and being able to take a vacation every so often. If you can brand yourself as the party that will help them accomplish all of these things, you’ll be winning elections for the next 50 years.

Compromise on Military/Welfare Spending
A great portion of your base demands we have a strong military, but we can have a strong defense military without an overblown presence throughout the world. Stop getting us quagmired in costly conflicts. Allow our allies to start contributing more to their own safety, pull back on our world footprint, and invest the savings into welfare.  The program shouldn’t matter, but you can get bi-partisan support if you invest in healthcare subsidies for those with pre-conditions, or by investing in school safety.  Our military budget is massive – making this the one area where you hold the best cards for compromising on the budget. By running on a platform of reducing military spending (while maintaining defense spending) and using the savings to invest in welfare, you can lure in left leaning moderates.

Cleans Yourself
Both parties have their hypocrites and deviants. Both are rife with corruption and fraud. When you ran on the platform of ‘draining the swamp’ you forgot to drain your own party too.  This was a fantastic campaign slogan as everyone, especially moderates, are fed-up with bad politicians. Be quick to ostracize members of your own party for their unrighteous behavior. Be even quicker to cleans yourself than you are to condemn your opposition. Showing this kind of zeal for integrity will go a long way in silencing your critics.

Be Strict Constitutionalists on the 4th Amendment
In your zeal to protect the nation you repeatedly try to undermine the 4th amendment. The Patriot Act was the worst example of this, but even more recently four of the five Supreme Court conservative judges sided with the police over citizens in the case of search and seizure. Always side with the citizens when it comes to privacy. They will love you for it.

Market Your Values Apart From Legislation
You are against abortion and you are for arming citizens. I understand you are mostly lawmakers and you think in terms of what the government can do for items such as these, but think more critically about the impact culture has in swaying public opinion on hot button topics. Market alternatives to abortion – such as adoption or keeping the child. Make it easier to adopt, but also push it as an American virtue. Run PSAs on the joys of motherhood and fatherhood without strings attached. In other words, instead of telling people what you are against (abortion) tell them what you are for (family) and why they’d be happy if they experienced what you are for, for themselves.

When it comes to firearms, fund voluntary youth training and trap shooting tournaments. Run PSAs about the necessity of hunters – how the fees they pay keep our lands full of wildlife. In other words, become a party that is optimistic about the outcome of good choices made with our freedom.

Fight Fire with Facts
Your opposition routinely calls your party the party of bigotry and racism. Don’t fight back and defend yourself as not being bigots. Instead, keep pushing minorities through your ranks. This past presidential election you had a black man and a latino man on your ticket while your opposition put forth no racial diversity on theirs. Keep finding intelligent and capable minority candidates and support them in their political climb as you would anyone else. Show the world your heart by your actions instead of your words. Your opposition is going to call moderates slurs for quite some time now, and every-time they do they will be sending more voters your way.

I believe if you put these six principles into action you will be able to attract a large portion of moderates along with a nice sliver of right-leaning democrats, to your party.

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Written by James Thayer