Progressive Abortion and Infanticide

When C.S. Lewis referenced abortion he did so off the cuff in a letter talking about how to accommodate for the consequences of sin.

“It is certainly not wrong to try to remove the natural consequences of sin provided the means by which you remove them are not in themselves another sin. (E.g. it is merciful and Christian to remove the natural consequences of fornication by giving the girl a bed in a maternity ward and providing for the child’s keep and education, but wrong to remove them by abortion or infanticide.” – Collected Letters of C. S. Lewis, Vol. III, 91

For a heavy-weight theologian and prolific writer it is telling that this is pretty much the only scrap of writing I’ve ever found of him discussing the topic. I am forced to believe it is because people living in the 40s didn’t debate whether it was wrong or not to have an abortion. Everyone aside from the eugenists of the day pretty much agreed abortion was immoral.

Why? Because they lived in a post-Christian society. Culturally they were all raised to discern good from evil even if they didn’t adhere to the main religion of their day – their parents taught them morality. One can’t press that point enough – when people call certain institutions of our modern era “progressive” they are actually referencing a time before Christianity. They are harking back to a time when paganism ruled the Earth and hearts of men – for abortion was a widely accepted practice in the ancient world. Infanticide too.
It wasn’t until after Christ that certain old institutions began to die away – among these were both slavery and abortion. Society can not eradicate sin, but it can beat it into submission – beat it back into the dark hidden parts where it is not praised, but looked down upon with scorn and shame.

I will never understand why my parent’s generation decided to normalize this practice. I don’t believe they handed us an unprosperous society as many of my millennial counterparts complain, but I do believe we’ve inherited a much devolved and morally bankrupt one – chief among our issues is the dearth of virtue and the sanctity of life.

Do not believe it when people tell you they are ‘progressive’ for pushing abortion further and further to the brink of infanticide. They are not progressive, they are regressive. They are regressing over 2000 years into the past when such a practice was prevalent. They are attempting to sear your conscience so you won’t be able to discern good from evil. They are the same type of people who approved of slavery, for genocide, for eugenics. They believe they can make society better by sacrificing the weakest among us for the greater good. It is telling that the woman who started Planned Parenthood did so in an attempt to prosper the mission of eugenics. In her words:

“The most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective.” – The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda, Margaret Sanger

Eugenics is the process of eliminating ‘defective’ genes in the population in order to prosper a more pure race. The problem with eugenics is that it plays God and reduces the value of a human being to its capacity to offer something society (or the specific eugenicist) deems important. In the case of the majority of abortions today, the reason for their abortion is the simple fact the mother does not desire the child. The child is undesired by the mother, and thus its value is negated and its life forfeit.

The creed is simple: those in society deemed undesirable have no value, and are thus exterminated. The philosophical and theological implications of such a belief system are tremendous. First, it outright rejects the notion of a God.

For the life of me I can not fathom a Christian, Jew, or Muslim EVER being for abortion. Ever. It’s impossible. You can not believe God created us and likewise come to the conclusion that we do not have intrinsic value.

If God created man in His image, then man has been endowed by His creator with inalienable rights. Our forefathers knew this and they likewise knew it was the ONLY way to maintain intellectual honesty when they invoked philosophy to break away from their king. They made it clear that their government did not give them rights, and thus their government was incapable of taking their rights. Since their rights came from God, a higher authority than the King of England, they could revolt with a clear conscience when said king infringed upon them.

Chief among these rights was the right to life. This is a right given by God and the only way we can morally take that right from someone is through the righteous means God likewise delegated humanity. Above all, the party whose life we choose to take must be found guilty of a crime deserving death. How many of the 50 million babies Americans have killed do you think were deserving of the death penalty by their actions?

We sit on the precipice of destruction should society continue down the path of eating our young. Such a nation cannot prosper in the long-term. The moral evil of slavery cost this nation 500,000 lives to extricate it from the land – how much more destruction will we reap in order to eradicate this abhorrent practice from our nation? England rid itself of slavery without a shot – but only because the realm heard the cry of the preacher and repented. Will America do the same on this issue?

I have my doubts. We suppress truth. We’ve even thrown off science on this issue.

This right here? This is evil. This is a woman who knows what she preaches is evil. That’s why it is difficult for her to get it out because she knows God and everyone who loves good and hates evil judges what she says.

And it is NOT new. Have we already forgotten this lady?

Stop listening to people like this. They are snake-oil sales men. They are fools.

Instead, listen to people like this:

Written by James Thayer