It’s Easy to Contribute

NOTE: For a moment we are paying $25 per Op-Ed contributed to the website with a maximum limit of $50 per contributor. Share your ideas and opinions, then go watch a movie, grab a bite to eat, or cover your Netflix subscription for a while! Once your Op-Ed is approved and published we will send your payment via PayPal. *Limit, first 10 Op-Eds submitted.

The World’s Last Night is all about open conversation, challenging ideas, and ultimately throwing one’s thoughts into an intellectual arena. We want to attract like-minded individuals who seek truth through respectful rhetoric – people who aren’t afraid to have their worldview challenged so long as they are allowed to challenge the opposition’s too.

We’ve made is very easy to become a contributor on the site. All you have to do is register an account (at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar), and you’ll instantly become a contributor. After that, write your post and submit it for approval. The guidelines for writing a piece are below:

Original Article
Must be at least 600 words minimum
Must be on a single topic
Must not include profanity

Must be at least 1000 words minimum
Must cite at least 3 sources
Must not include ad-hominem
Must not include profanity

Earn Points

After you’ve registered, the site will keep track of your WLN points. Currently you can earn points in two ways: commenting on posts and publishing posts. The break down is below.

WLN Action
50 Points Awarded for Contributing a Post
2 Points Awarded for Commenting on a Post

Right now, points are only worth the glory they bring, but that won’t always be true.  We’d like to implement an actual award system as a thank you from the community to the community, and will continue to work on that. You can always see how many points you’ve earned on the side-bar, and likewise you can check out the WLN leaderboard!

Thank you for becoming a contributor of the World’s Last Night.  We hope you find it a rewarding experience!